August 14, 2015

Remove your sample page or edit it

Once you have setup a new WordPress blog its become necessary to get rid of ‘Sample Page’. You have two options Either remove it or Edit it.

1. Removing a post.

Click on the Menu>>Pages>>All Pages

You will see all the listing pages. Click on the Trash to move your page to trash. After that you can parmanently remove this page from trash. Trash will be appear once there is any page found right after the Published option.




2. Editing the Page.

Click on the Menu>>Pages>>All Pages

Then click on the page title you want to edit or click on edit link below the page title. you will see the below view.



Now you have to Edit the page title as well as the permalinks which is the most important. You can edit the page title with capital letters and spaces but while editing permalinks make sure it is in small letters and spaces are replaced by hyphen (-). While adding a new post permalinks are automatically generated. If you try to duplicate, permalinks will follow the numeric structure. like






At last don’t forget to Update it.
Which is at very right under Publish tab.

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