December 5, 2015

Mount wired server with terminal in ubantu

I am trying to mount my local wired server to my PC.

Server is operated in CentOS and I am using Ubuntu.
There are some security issues which doesn’t permit me to edit any file as root in Ubuntu.
You need to edit a file under root privilages.
Editing a text file with root privileges in Ubuntu.
Type in terminal
sudo gedit
It will open default text editor as root. You have to open a file.
Go to /etc and search for fstab.txt
Now add few thins at the end
// /home/shakalya/shared cifs username=root,password=PASSWORD 0 0
Close the editor.
This can generate Error if you didn’t make any directory /home/shakalya/shared
where ‘shakalya’ is username and ‘shared’ is a folder created under it. is server IP
‘shared’ is a folder to share.
type in terminal again
sudo mount -a
It will mount the server ‘shared’ folder to your ‘shared’ folder that you just created.
Thanks for reading this.

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