August 13, 2015

Installing WordPress beginner

WordPress is used wordwide for the instant blogging websites and portfolios, which is very easy to install and maintain. Its totally free and you can download latest version from below image link.


or click on this link:

WordPress community offers millions of plugins suitable for your field of work. For a beginners you can find many of plugins freely available at WP plugin site according to your necessity.

For very certain field you might have to pay for better services. All you have to choose by your own or you can consult a WordPress Developer.

1. Download wordpress zip file.

click on this link: to download a zip file.

2. Extract Zip File

Extract It and you will see a folder ‘wordpress’ which contains all the necessary Files needed.

3. Move Extracted files to Server or Localhost



Throw all the inside files under folder, at the root of your site.

NOTE: Make wp-config.php file is writable and you have a proper access to it.

4. Now Create a database

Go to your cpanel and create a database from there.

Make a proper database username and password to give access.

Save it somewhere for use in WordPress installing and future use.

5. Open your site at browser.

Follow the WordPress installing instruction. Fill all required.



NOTE: Change the localhost if you are using different web server other then your current website means your mysql server is not at your current server.



6. Make sure your wp-config.php is writable.

If you are using windows you wont get any file permission issue. But If you are running Linex you have to make sure

wp-config.php is writable.

I am using Ubantu and giving 755 permission to my wordpress directory.


If everthings is perfect you will be get a success and will redirect to login page.

7. Insert WordPress Login details and you will see a Admin Panel.



Hurrey!! You have successfully installed your WP website.

Now Some most important things you have to look after once you setup a new WP site.

  • Add a header image/logo/site logo to your WP site.
  • Remove your sample page or edit it.
  • Remove your first post or edit it.
  • Add widgets to your widget area.
  • Select your front page for your WP site.
  • Create a menu for your WP site.
  • Set permalinks for your WP site.
  • Check your Search Engine Visibility. Which is the most important.

Few more things you can have a look.

  • Add your WordPress theme to your WP site.
  • Change WordPress site name.
  • Add a tagline to your WP site.
  • Set default image size (thumb,medium,large) for your WP site.


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