August 17, 2015

Add a header image logo to your WP site.

Very first step need to take after setting up a wordpress blog website is to add a header image or logo to your site. For the beginner point of view here is the admin back end available in screenshots that make it easy to understand.

Changing the logo may differ from the method given below. Then you just have to look for the header section. Few search may lead you to the inserting or changing header image options.

All these belongs to the theme options and are attached to only particular theme. These options may differ for different themes and while activating another theme you have to work on this again for the new activated theme.

Many of the WordPress themes follows the same structures to change add/change the logo which you can find under

Dashboard >> Appearance >> Theme Options


Where you can find theme options as a TABS. Select the General tab and you will see the LOGO and FAV ICON options.

Just Set the image from WP Media Library and save the theme options.



To know more about media library click on
How to Upload image at WordPress media library?

Some more theme options can be helpful like wordpress default theme ‘twenty-thirteen’ has another option for adding background image at header. Don’t forget to look to the all theme options while purchasing a new new theme because these will be giving you the proper page layout for your website.

I have seen so many themes with a lot of options like

  • header image/logo
  • fav icon
  • font family
  • font color


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