View a doc pdf file in google doc URL

There is no need to install any software when you can directly view a doc pdf file in google doc URL using your browser.

It is very useful while you only want to show the document file and don’t let it download when browser don’t support the file. Like i want people to view my PDF file and i gives its link to any button as anchor tag. Request will be goes to your browsers setting if you have any configuration supporting that file it will use that software otherwise it will download the File. He might not able to view my PDF if he dont have any supported software in his system.

Now I want my PDF to view on browser. Google supports a link where we can pass the Document URL and it will be displayed in the browser itself.

Just create a anchor link with

and pass a document URL after this. Please see the below URL.



<a class=”btn btn-primary” href=”” target=”_blank”>CLICK TO VIEW EXAMPLE</a>


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