Create a custom image/video gallery in wordpress with angularjs by putting below code in themes function.php

If you are a code lover and want to get this gallery data in json format. this is the best code.

I don’t like making new plugins for bunch of lines of codes. This code involves storing all the gallery data array to the custom field of a custom post type.

You can also add this meta_box to any other post, page  or custom post type. by adding a single line of

How to get sim gallery data. Here is the thing all the data is  in an array and stored in a meta_key  ‘_simgallery’ of the post ID.

get_the_id()  will be given the current post ID and get_post_meta() will give you the all the data.


Below is the complete code for your gallery.


If you want a custom shortc


ode for this sim gallery