Hello Friends,

I am a professional web developer and designer. I love to code and makes tough tasks simple…that’s what a developer do. This site is made during my working experience and i have been saving all my related hurdles which i feel can help others to resolve their problems. This site can help to gear up for the beginners as well as if i would like to see back at my work. All codes are tested and used at any of my working websites at that time. Further updates may create some dis-functioning. All these years i gave to programming and wanted to create a better and clean codes. we always struggles for problems and each hurdles teaches you much more.

Years of resolving hurdles is called the true EXPERIENCE!! .

You never walk out for simple solutions instead you look for the simple solution and want the current problem to resolve forever..so in future if you encounter this again you ROCKS!!

I always love to share my work experience. Before you go through the sites let me share the knowledge keywords you will be covering in this blog. Have a look to the below tech expertise of mine.

Experienced in many fields.

PHP (WordPress, Opencart, Magento), NODE JS

Javascript (jQuery, jQueryUI, AJAX, AngularJS, scrollrJS, datatables)


CSS (Bootstrap, animation, transition)


Site Optimization, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website setup, Google Tag Manager,

Scrollr.js for a scroll animation onepage websites.

Photoshop, GIMP Editer

Hosting Provider:

Google Cloud Hosting

WPEngine Hosting

Godaddy Hosting,

Hostgator Hosting


Operating System

Windows(7,8,10), Cent-OS, Ubuntu(12.14,16)